“Rather than a one-way interruption, digital marketing is about delivering useful content at precisely the right time when a buyer requires it.”

“Telling good stories is what marketing is all about. It’s all about getting your customers to spread the word for you through social media marketing.”

“Sometimes you have to try out a lot of different ideas to see which one sticks. If you’re unsure, delegate the decision to digital marketing.”

“Search, a digital marketing strategy that didn’t exist a decade ago, is the most effective and cost-effective way for businesses to generate leads.”

“One of the most effective ways to promote your business online is through content marketing, but only when done correctly.”

“Marketing isn’t about coming up with inventive ways to sell your products. It’s the art of providing real value to your customers.”

“Take a chance and keep testing because what works today might not work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday might.”

“Concentrate on the core problem that your company solves and generate a lot of content, enthusiasm, and ideas for how to solve it.”

“Online businesses need to focus on search engine marketing and optimization. You can spend all of your money on a website, but it will be useless if no one knows it exists.”

“Whether it’s a B2B or B2C relationship, the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed. We’re all emotional beings looking for meaning, context, and a sense of belonging.”

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